Raspberry miracle for Women's Day!

2017. március 6.

We continue our exclusive home delivery for special days. The Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 officially 40 years, but it has been our most beautiful holiday for more than a century. For this special day we are offering our most exclusive Sekler Cake for special Women: send to your female acquaintances a Women's Day Sekler Cake.

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Chimney cake home delivery

Raspberry Sekler Cake in Valentine's Day packaging!

2017. február 13.

We thought, that on this very special day we will offer our most special Sekler Cake for the most special people: send your lover a Valentine's Day Sekler Cake, a raspberry miracle in exclusive packaging!

Top 5+2 Christmas Fairs

2016. december 20.

All famous Christmas fairs have slowly opened until the first Sunday of Advent. Whether it is about the Vörösmarty Square`s festivity, about the Advent in Győr, or about the Gresham Palace`s Christmas fair, the Vitéz Kürtős is present everywhere and awaits the visitors with special flavored Sekler Cakes beside the traditional flavored ones. Here are the best Advent fairs: 5+2 offers.

"Loved your delicious treat..want more.. How will you mail this ..to Hawaii? Is it possible? Do you know the total cost...the treats in the cake box...and postage by air? Also, how much does the accessories to make this cost? I saw the accessories but, there was not price ...please let me know. I really think about how delicious it was....like a dream..and fun to eat. Aloha from Hawaii....Georgiana"

Georgiana Kobayashi | Write us!

"We recently were in Budapest and enjoyed this delicious treat. Totally difference from anything we have seen anywhere. Too bad we can't get this in the United States. "

Peggy and Larry Walker | Write us!

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