Event services

Vitez Kurtos aims to provide the country`s tastiest and most popular chimney cake on Family Events, Traditional Crafts Markets, Cultural and Gastronomy Festivals, Exhibitions, City Festivals and all other sorts of events.

The freshly made chimney cakes are traditionally being baked on live coals and the Vitez Kurtos Team also demonstrates the craft to the festival visitors.

We are able to install a lot of types of stalls, depending on the type of event:

Chimney Cake baking pavilion

Vitéz Kürtős party services for a short-term representation

Vitéz Kürtős wooden house

Private or invite-only type of events:
We are happy to provide and bake our fresh chimney cakes on weddings, company events, birthday parties and any type of private parties. Advance booking is necessary.

For further information and for quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.
Phone: +36 70 588 4392
E-mail: vitezkurtos@yahoo.com

Vitez Kurtos Baking House

A mobile food cart type of installation

While the baking house operates