Georgiana Kobayashi | 2014. január 11.

Loved your delicious treat..want more.. How will you mail this Hawaii? Is it possible? Do you know the total cost...the treats in the cake box...and postage by air? Also, how much does the accessories to make this cost? I saw the accessories but, there was not price ...please let me know. I really think about how delicious it a dream..and fun to eat. Aloha from Hawaii....Georgiana

Peggy and Larry Walker | 2013. december 7.

We recently were in Budapest and enjoyed this delicious treat. Totally difference from anything we have seen anywhere. Too bad we can't get this in the United States.

Julius | 2012. november 12.

Your cake is delicious and the I love kurtoskalacs t-shirt is a great idea, I love it.

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