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Company events

From family day to company Christmas

Sweeten your event with a genuine Hungarikum!

Vitéz Kürtős is a unique brand of kürtőskalács known all over the country; its name carries a guarantee of high-quality, original kürtőskalács and a particularly high overall quality of products, packaging and service. We are one of the pioneers that have revived the traditional method of baking this pastry, aiming to let the whole world know about chimney cakes.

Our off-site events have been a huge success for years in the category of company events – be it a family day or other types of events – and family events alike, such as engagements, anniversaries, birthdays or even weddings. It is little wonder: kürtőskalács make a dessert that can be eaten anywhere and anytime – either as welcome bites, good-bye gifts or thank-you gifts, or a surprise dessert of the day.

At our off-site events, the audience can have a glimpse of the secrets of making chimney cakes, and can come face to face with how genuine chimney cakes are prepared: kneaded on site, roasted over charcoal cinders, possibly with special flavours. Besides traditional kürtőskalács, we also make kürtőskalács desserts. Our service called Kürtős Cake Bar can add to the colourfulness of your event through an even more exclusive selection of desserts, out of which even more people may find their favourite flavours.

Kürtőskalács may sweeten the following events:

  • company events
  • family events
  • birthdays
  • weddings
  • anniversaries

If you want to enhance your event with genuine kürtőskalács, please feel free to contact us!

Ottava Nikolett, customer service
Phone: +36 70 415 83 57